50 Beautiful Steven Furtick Quotes That Will Inspire You

Christian author and Lead Pastor of Elevation Church, Steven Furtick, is exceptionally good at inspiring and motivating others. Here’s a list of some awesome Steven Furtick quotes to energize you and have you feeling refreshed.


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1. My joy is not determined by what happens to me, but what Christ is doing in me and through me.

2. God is not ashamed to be identified with the parts of you that you think you need to hide.

3. Don’t fear opposition. Expect it. And use it as an opportunity to fuel your growth.

4. Whatever season of life you’re in right now, don’t be so focused on the next gift you want that you miss the grace God has already given you.

5. Make faith your starting place – not your last resort.

6. Your praise is contagious – So is your complaint. What are you carrying today?

7. Our aim should be pointing others to Christ, not impressing them with our Christlikeness.

8. It shouldn’t freak you out to realize that God’s eyes are on you. Because He doesn’t see you through eyes of disapproval or disappointment. His presence is not a sign of condemnation. It’s actually an invitation. God is present with you, through His Holy Spirit, because He intends to uproot you from the tyranny of the familiar, shatter the monotonous life you’ve had. And take you on an adventure.

9. Even if you mess up, God’s disappointment with your sin will never be greater than His love for you.

10. After EACH DAY of creation, God said: “It is good” (see Gen. 1). Don’t wait until you get “there” to celebrate. Celebrate along the way.

11. You don’t have to accept every attitude that your emotions suggest!

12. In everything you do, ask yourself: Is this worth my while? Over-commitment can be the greatest enemy of calling.

13. Jesus sets me free to believe I have nothing to prove and only One to please.

14. Jesus asked Peter to leave his career at the peak of success. Peter didn’t waver—He knew the secret to success is submission

15. One of the Enemy’s most effective strategies is to get you to focus on what you don’t have, what you used to have, or what someone else has that you wish you had. He does this to keep you from looking around and asking, “God, what can You do through what I have?

16. Stop waiting for what you want, and start working what you have. This can turn your greatest frustration into your greatest potential innovation. If you’ll do your part, God will begin to do what only He can do: He’ll make your box bigger.

17. What would happen if you stopped asking, “God, WHY am I going through this?” and started asking, “God, WHAT are you preparing me for?”

18. From your perspective, failing makes you a failure. But from God’s perspective, your dream may have to die for His plan to come to life.

19. Just because it didn’t happen the way you wanted doesn’t mean God isn’t working. If He said He would…He will!

20. God gives the exact experiences he wants them to have in order to shape the specific destiny he designed for them.

21. Before you were born—before any of your defects were apparent to you—they were absolutely apparent to God. That didn’t stop Him from calling your name and setting you apart. He placed you on the earth at a certain time for a pre-decided purpose.

22. We tend to overestimate what we’d do w/ opportunities we don’t have…while underestimating what we could do with opportunities we do have!

23. Jesus will always move away from religious drama and toward the needs of people who are hurting. Jesus will always go out of his way to find and minister to people who others will go out of their way to avoid. I love him for that.

24. The next time you lose your momentum in daily life as you’re chasing after God’s best for you, don’t give up and conclude that it’s over. The greater life hasn’t ended for you. It’s only out of sight under the waters of the ordinary. And God can resurface it, supernaturally, as many times as it takes. As many times as you’re willing.

25. Living your problems and loving them like locked rooms is much different from denying them or capitulating to them. It is believing that God is with you in the imperfect, even disappointing circumstances of your life. It is saying to Him with faith in your heart.

26. Jesus is more than just our escape plan to get us out of this world; He’s the master teacher showing us how to do it right while we’re here.

27. Stop waiting for what you want, and start working what you have. This can turn your greatest frustration into your greatest potential innovation. If you’ll do your part, God will begin to do what only He can do: He’ll make your box bigger.

28. Faithfulness is not a feeling – it’s a choice you can make – even in the midst of great frustration.

29. God’s plan is not always a route that makes sense. But then again, He never said it would be easy – just that it’d be worth it.

30. Have you settled in a place that God intended you to pass through? Don’t settle until you get to where He is calling you.

31. In your struggle, God gives the gift of comfort so that later, you can give others the gift of empathy.

32. For your calling to be fulfilled your issues must be confronted.

33. Great moves of God are usually preceded by simple acts of obedience.

34. Sometimes God will bypass the questions we ask to give us the answers we really need.

35. Even if your life is filled with unstable, unreliable, undependable people, you have one Source in your life who is constant. (see Mal. 3:6)

36. God doesn’t pick people like people pick people. Where people see problems, God sees potential.

37. What makes you think you have to turn your life around before you can completely commit your life to God? What makes you think you have to impress God with your obedience before He will impart His grace to you? What makes you think you have to do things to get God to like you, much less love you? What makes you think you have to be the perfect spouse or parent before God will perfectly love you? Many Christians spend a lifetime trying to achieve something that Jesus already achieved for them. God’s acceptance isn’t based on performance. It wasn’t for Jesus. And because of what He did for you, it isn’t for you either. The acceptance He had, you have. The love He unconditionally received, you unconditionally receive. Yes, Jesus was the Son of God. But through Him, you are a child of God with the same privileges.1 That includes the privilege of having God look at you and say: I am well pleased.

38. Sometimes things don’t work out the first time so that you’ll learn to lean on God the next time.

39. The strength of your faith is directly related to your willingness to apply it in places you don’t fully understand yet.

40. God’s strength is made perfect in your weakness – not in spite of your weakness but because of it to reveal His glory.

41. Let’s thank God for where we are and who we’re becoming on the way to where we’re going.

42. The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.

43. What are you doing to grow your gift? Great destinies require great diligence. God works through what you are willing to work on.

44. God gets the greatest glory in your life in the face of your greatest resistance.

45. Your obedience is what activates God’s will long before the support of others confirms it.

46. Fulfillment doesn’t start with getting what we want. It starts with wanting what God wants.

47. God’s Word is perfect and powerful, but if we don’t make it personal, it will not change our lives.

48. Bad decisions aren’t without consequence, but in the frame of grace, they’re never beyond redemption.

49. It doesn’t matter who your opponent is if you already know your outcome.

50. God can’t redeem the regrets you don’t release.



7 More Bonus Steven Furtick Quotes

God is a taker before He’s a giver. Before He gives His grace, He takes my shame. Before He gives His light, He takes my darkness.

God can do amazing things when you least expect it; in places where you’re not even looking for it.

God wants people to be able to look at your life and get a glimpse of who He is.

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to celebrate how far God has brought you. THIS is the day!

Your greatest weakness may actually be God’s greatest platform to display His power and glory in your life.

If God didn’t want you to win, why would He call you “more than a conqueror” through Christ?

God’s will doesn’t have to seem perfect TO me to be perfect FOR me.



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