Where is Your Hope?

Devotional: Where is your hope?

BY: Richard Moser, Jr | Christian Fellowship Writer

Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord. Psalm 31:24

David was a great king - and the leader of the nation of Israel. The country prospered and grew during his reign. He lived in a nice palace and ate well. But David did not always have it easy. He had to flee from his predecessor, King Saul, who tried to kill him. Other countries tried to attack his nation. His friends and sons conspired to overthrow him.

Psalm 31 was written by David during one of these attempted takeovers by insiders. David pleaded to God for help. In the end, he reached the conclusion that he should put his faith and hope in God. The Lord had chosen David to lead Israel, had protected him, and had caused the nation to prosper. Whatever happened to him, David would put his trust in the Lord. When we are faced with troubles, do we put our hope in ourselves, in our political leaders, or in God? Let us take David's words to heart, and put our hopes, faith, and trust in God.


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