20 Reasons The Bible Is The Most Awesome Book In The Entire World


As we all probably know by now, this is the Bible.



But maybe you’re not fully aware that this book is a priceless, fascinating and incomparable treasure. Here is why…


1. First off, it took 16 centuries and 40 men to write it.

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2. Among the writers were: 

Profesion Writers of the Bible

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3. Most of them were uneducated men, yet the Bible is considered a literary masterpiece

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4. The Bible was the FIRST mass produced printed book in the West by a German guy named Gutenberg.

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The price of a complete copy today is between $25 and $35 million. Individual leaves now sell for $20,000–$100,000, depending upon condition and the desirability of the page. 

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5. They translated it into more than 3000 languages, covering 95% of world’s population. 

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